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Your test helps your doctor determine your overall health, diagnose disease and decide your treatment. Laboratory tests will provide valuable information to your doctor.
Yes. We have teams of well-seasoned and professional Medical Laboratory Scientists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Administrative personnels and more, who provide accurate results and quality patient care.
Your body has many types of cells and fluids. Almost all of these cells and fluids can be tested, although the most commonly tested are blood and urine. Specimens such as sweat, spinal fluid, joint fluid, sputum, stool, bone marrow, tissues and body scrapings are also tested.
Depending on the test or tests ordered, you may be told not to eat food for 8–12 hours before coming to the laboratory, or you may be told to only eat certain foods. For other tests, you may be told to drink more or less than what you would normally drink 8–12 hours before the test.
For blood tests, one of two methods may be used; either Your finger may be pricked by a lancet to get the blood sample or through gently inserting a small needle into your vein. You will be told how to collect urine samples, stool, sputum, semen or other specimens that can be collected at home.
Most laboratory tests are finished in a few hours. If you are an inpatient, your doctor will have many of your test results the same day the test was taken. If you are an outpatient, results will take 1-2 days. Some procedures take several days to complete and your test results will take longer to reach your doctor. Your doctor or one of his/her team members may call the laboratory and ask about your tests. Your doctor will be told the progress of your tests and be given an estimated time for your results.
Our customers may request a copy of their laboratory results to be sent through electronic mail (e-mail) they provide, WhatsApp or delivered at any specified address (T&Cs apply).
Laboratory tests can help you evaluate your own health. Sometimes test results can be outside of normal ranges for many reasons. Please we recommend you discuss all laboratory results with your doctor.

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